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GPOs and GHX

Group purchasing organizations (GPOs) and GHX have a common goal: bring down the cost of healthcare. Since GHX is owned by all participants in the healthcare supply chain, we create a collaborative environment in which GPOs, healthcare providers and suppliers alike can use us as a conduit for savings opportunities.

We work directly with GPOs to automate healthcare supply chain processes, making it easier, faster and less expensive for everyone to conduct business. Together, we have automated contract feeds to reduce pricing errors in real-time, tying all trading partners together via the same platform and databases.

The direct connection between GHX and GPOs ensures that healthcare providers that are GPO members receive new contracts and contract updates to maintain price accuracy and take full advantage of all GPO agreements. Our system automatically alerts and sends GPO members updates to previously activated contracts for increased price accuracy. Many GHX customers maintain their item master by leveraging these contract feeds. In addition, contract indicators are included on all transaction reports to broaden the visibility of GPO contracts to its members.

GPOs and GHX: together we build better supply chains.