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10 Ways to Reduce Healthcare Supply Chain Costs for Providers
HIT Consultant
August 2014
GHX outlines a list of documented opportunities to reduce supply costs healthcare supply chain costs for providers.




UDI--A Nonstandardized Test for Manufacturers
Medical Design Technology
August 2014
UDI compliance requires not only labeling products with UDI compliant codes, but also submitting additional product data to an FDA Global UDI Database (GUDID). Challenges often result from trying to implement a regulatory requirement that touches nearly every aspect of their business, from manufacturing to customer service.




The ACA's Impact on the Healthcare Supply Chain
MHI Solutions
July 2014




OR Implants and the Case for Supply Chain Automation
Becker's Hospital Review
June 2014
In an industry using surgical robots and ultraviolet disinfecting technologies, the utilization of sticky notes seems a bit archaic, especially when said sticky note is responsible for tracking implants worth thousands of dollars...




Operating Rooms Hindered by Outdated Supply Chain Processes and Technologies
Healthcare Global
June 2014
(See pages 22 - 27) Can it be possible that an industry fueled by scientific advancement and cutting-edge technology could find itself stalled by lack of technology solutions and best practices that would allow it to save money and improve quality? If that industry is healthcare, the answer is yes.




Does Inventory Management Need a Reboot
Healthcare Purchasing News
June 2014
Successfully managing inventory may be fundamental to effective and efficient Supply Chain operations, but it’s also essential and foundational to clinicians performing their duties, including doctors, nurses and surgeons.




Moving Violations - 5 Common Mistakes in Inventory Management
Healthcare Purchasing News
May 2014
What are 5 common mistakes in managing inventory, along with some notable solutions? Five experts share their points of view.




Hospital Execs Say Supply Chain Protocols Don't Make the Grade
Fierce Pharma
March 2014
Many hospitals have difficulty embracing supply chain technologies and best practices that would increase efficiency and profitability, according to a new survey from GHX.




Supply Chain Deficiencies Keeping Hospital Operating Rooms in the 'Stone Age'
Medical Design Technology
March 2014
Despite the fact the healthcare industry is fueled by scientific advancement, too many hospitals find themselves stalled at a crossroads, struggling to embrace business-focused technologies and best practices that will allow them to flourish in the decades to come.




GHX Research Respondents Recognize Supply Chain Deficiencies Keeping Hospital Operating Rooms In The “Stone Age”
Healthcare Matters
March 2014
GHX survey of hospital senior executives indicates that OR supply chain deficiencies have slowed organizational decision-making, increased costs and inefficiency — and ultimately impact the delivery of patient care.




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