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An end-to-end solution to a $5 billion problem

At GHX, we’re proud to announce the industry’s first implantable device supply chain (IDSC) solution. These items—things like hips, knees and cardiac stents—are some of the most expensive in healthcare. They’re also incredibly difficult to track, manage and account for in the supply chain. An estimated $5 billion is lost annually in this market segment as a result of waste, inefficiency and lack of visibility. 

Why GHX?

For more than ten years, we’ve been focused on maximizing automation, efficiency and accuracy for better patient care and billions in savings for healthcare. The GHX IDSC solution extends our capabilities and value into the implantables space by leveraging the capabilities of many of our existing, proven solutions to help the industry reclaim that $5 billion in annual losses.


Industry Leaders Speak Out on the Implantable Device Supply Chain

From 15 steps to 4

Through automation and collaboration, the GHX IDSC solution enables both healthcare providers and suppliers to manage the implantable device process in four highly automated steps, significantly improving accuracy and efficiencies.
The current process for managing implantables typically involves 15 manual, error-prone steps.
Supply Chain Management for Physician Preference Items

Across the industry, implantable medical devices and physician preference items (PPI) pose significant challenges, and costs, to healthcare. The context in which these types of medical products are procured is complex, non-standardized and involves dozens of stakeholders. Because of the inherent complexities of the IDSC, providers and suppliers alike have struggled to develop a better way to manage this part of healthcare.

Currently, the IDSC relies heavily on manual processes fraught with opportunities for error, is unable to adequately track spending or provide usage data, and breeds wasteful hospital-based inventory practices, to name just a few.  Organizations that deal with physician preference item management and the acquisition of implantable devices know that an IDSC solution has the potential to significantly improve healthcare outcomes and drive dramatic cost reductions.

Supply Chain Management for PPI and Implantable Devices

While implants represent approximately $40 billion as a market segment, lack of visibility and control over these devices costs the healthcare industry an estimated $5 billion per year from inefficient, disconnected manual processes, and lost, expired and wasted product.

To truly maximize savings and efficiency, a complete solution for implantable device/PPI supply chain management is needed. Solutions that only address a singular IDSC challenge challenge will not make the necessary impact.

GHX is a Healthcare Supply Chain Management company. Our main offerings include: Healthcare Industry Consulting, Automated Hospital Accounts Payable, Medical Business Intelligence, and Medical EDI.