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  • In the July meeting, representatives from GHX and PTC discussed requirements and processes for submitting data to the FDA Global UDI Database (GUDID), which for Class III device manufacturers must be completed by September 2014. GHX is working with PTC to provide manufacturers with a solution to create, communicate, and track 21 Code of Federal Regulations Part 11-compliant Global UDI Database (GUDID) submissions.
  • The May meeting took place in person at the 2014 GHX Healthcare Supply Chain Summit in Philadelphia and featured presentations from: 1) David Brooks, UDI Program Manager, Covidien, who offered insights into how to maximize value from UDI compliance and meet both regulatory and customer data needs and 2) Doug Sabotin, Director Lean Six Sigma, Columbus Regional Hospital shared expertise on how hospitals can apply the principles of LEAN and Six Sigma to improve processes using unique device identification.
  • Eric O'Daffer, Research Director at Gartner, and Melanie Hutcherson, Manager of US Sales Operations at Zimmer, join GHX executives to discuss improving the supply chain from the suppliers' perspective through timely, accurate demand signals for implantable devices used in the OR.
  • During the inaugural NuVia User Group, guest speaker Amy Chieppa from Piedmont Healthcare talks about how her supply chain team is delivering more accurate, up-to-date data that supports, enhances and connects hospital systems with minimal maintenance and redundancy.
  • The March meeting of the GHX Standards Users Group provided an update on proposed regulations for both EHR vendors and for hospitals. Afterwards, Suzanne Alexander-Vaughn, Director, Product Management at GHX, discussed things to consider when planning how to capture, share and use data across various systems and processes, and gave an update on GHX work around integrating with various systems in the OR and Cath Lab.
  • During the December meeting, Indira Konduri, U.S. FDA program manager for the Global UDI database (GUDID), provided an overview of the database, including how it will work, what manufacturers need to know and do to populate the database in compliance with the final UDI rule, and how the FDA is assisting the industry with questions and supporting continual industry-wide learning. If you’re interested in joining the GHX Global Data Standards Users Group, email
  • In this webinar, Ioulia Pesin, CAP PO/EDI Specialist at Bon Secours Health System, talks to suppliers about the benefits of working electronically for both trading partners as well as Bon Secours’ efforts to incorporate e-commerce into its contract requirements. During a time of margin erosion, Pesin encourages providers and suppliers to work together collaboratively to drive savings and efficiencies and discusses some affordable GHX solutions for enabling EDI.
  • During the August call, Dave Suchy from Teleflex provided some outstanding information about how manufacturers can prepare globally for market and governmental demands to move to standards product identification. If you’re interested in joining the GHX Global Data Standards Users Group, email
  • Case Xpert enables more collaborative case management through real-time visibility and reporting functionality, shared among key roles. See how preparing for a new case is quick with early and reliable case schedule visibility. With access to complete and correct implant information and an automated process to accurately record product usage, clinicians keep focused on what matters most—the patient.
  • This webinar, hosted by Greater New York Hospital Association (GNYHA) and GHX, examines the importance of transacting electronically for both hospitals and their suppliers. GNYHA has successfully reduced costs and improved efficiencies by automating the purchasing process and eliminating phone and fax orders. A GHX customer for 9 years, GNYHA has achieved a significant level of efficiency through automation and is encouraging suppliers that are still processing orders manually to make the move to e-commerce.
  • In this HFMA webinar, GHX product manager John Puckett talks about the critical role the supply chain plays in the financial performance of hospitals and healthcare systems. Learn how the supply chain can help you lower operating expenses, improve visibility and control over more of your spend, and improve partnerships between finance and procurement.
  • Robert Hatkins, manager of Business Development and Analytics at UCSF Medical Center, discusses the organization's large-scale supply chain automation project, which helped it connect electronically with 320 suppliers, automate 95% of its non-consignment medical-surgical spend and drive down purchase order and invoice errors.
  • See how the GHX contracting solutions work with Lawson to automatically update contract changes, simplifying management so your resources can stay focused on managing exceptions rather than manually maintaining updates.
  • See how the GHX contracting solutions work with PMM to automate the contract process, simplifying management so your resources can stay focused on managing exceptions rather than manually maintaining updates.
  • Presents how you can better manage spend by aligning requisitioning with sound content management and accurate contract price validation. You’ll gain control over PPI and off-contract and non-file spend.

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