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Maximizing automation, creating efficiencies, and improving the accuracy of business processes

GHX supply chain solutions take costs out of healthcare, not shift them from one party to another. Such savings allow hospitals to commit more resources to delivering quality patient care and better enable suppliers to continue to create new life-saving products for patients.

Through our solutions, you tap into the power of GHX Global Network, the largest trading partner community in healthcare. The shared infrastructure of the GHX Global Network eliminates redundant technology, standardizes transactions and drives e-commerce for lower costs.


Medical EDI Solutions

Electronic data interchange (EDI), the electronic exchange of business transactions, has dramatically improved the efficiency and accuracy of supply chain processes in healthcare. Medical EDI, or e-commerce technology, offers hospitals and their trading partners a system to automate the once labor intensive, paper based supply chain. Automating the supply chain through e-commerce provides a combination of hard dollar savings, avoided costs and improved productivity.

Historically, the healthcare industry has considered itself uniquely challenged with regards to supply chain management (SCM) and, as a result, many organizations had been resigned to an inefficient and costly process for the selling, buying and maintaining an inventory of materials used in the delivery of patient care.

Given today’s complex and rapidly changing healthcare environment, organizations are being challenged as never before. From executives to management to those on the front line administrating supply chain functions, finding new ways to increase efficiency and reduce costs can be a complicated, but essential, endeavor.

Healthcare EDI Supply Chain Management

However, times are changing. Today, healthcare EDI technology goes beyond the exchange of business transactions. A wide range of services and solutions now offer exciting new ways to simplify all aspects of supply chain management, fostering improved communications and visibility across an organization’s supply chain operations.

New EDI solutions further enhance the effectiveness of the healthcare supply chain through comprehensive data management and the integration of clinical and business systems. The need for good, accurate and current data, which, as the commodity supply chain has demonstrated, can be achieved through automation and is a foundation for other cost-savings initiatives.

GHX is a Healthcare Supply Chain Management company. Our main offerings include: Healthcare Industry Consulting, Automated Hospital Accounts Payable, Medical Business Intelligence, and Medical EDI.